Gaastra BARSYSTEM X4 complete

119000 Ft

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The new BAR SYSTEM X4 is our lightest bar ever! Tons of new features to offer you maximum...több
Gaastra BARSYSTEM X4 complete

The new BAR SYSTEM X4 is our lightest bar ever! Tons of new features to offer you maximum performance and safety. With just 23mm diameter it is the thinnest bar on the market, providing maximum feedback and grip. The Bar System X4 fits to all GA Kites by adjusting the stearing lines to the bar.

The biggest safety feature is  the all new QR, fulfilling French safety norms! Pull the QR in any situation to fully flag out the kite. The SHIFT ADJUSTER offers a very precise powering and also provides the comfort to set the distance of the adjuster according to the length of your arms.

The ROPE CLAMP avoids tangling of the adjuster line. Use the 21m for most direct and fastest kite setup or 24m for more power and high jumps. One bar does it all. The BAR SYSTEM X4 offers maximum comfort on one handed tricks by using a new metal center and a thin depower line. This bar sets a new standard in performance, design, comfort and safety.



  • Super Thin bar for direct feedback
  • Newly designed safer Quick Release with swivel
  • Quick adjustment of the bar width
  • 21 or 24m lines by homogenous 3m extensions
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