F-One BREEZE V.3 kite / 2021

299000 Ft -tól

Az árak tartalmazzák az ÁFA -t. Szállítási költségek

Méret (kite)


  • Méret Ár Szállítási idő
    7 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 329000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    9 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 349000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    11 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 399000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    13 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 419000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    15 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 449000 Ft Raktáron!
    Szállítási idő kb. 1-3 munkanap
    17 m2 Slate / Lagúna kék 489000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    7 m2 Mangó / Slate 299000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    9 m2 Mangó / Slate 349000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    11 m2 Mangó / Slate 399000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    13 m2 Mangó / Slate 419000 Ft Raktáron!
    Szállítási idő kb. 1-3 munkanap
    15 m2 Mangó / Slate 449000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    17 m2 Mangó / Slate 489000 Ft Nincs raktáron
MANEUVERABILITY The BREEZE is for anyone who wants a light weight set up that offers...több
F-One BREEZE V.3 kite / 2021


The BREEZE is for anyone who wants a light weight set up that offers incredible handling with great low-end performance. It is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and light weight, the Breeze can show off interesting performance in light wind wave riding too.

Across the range of sizes, the handling has been finely tuned; the larger sizes are even more responsive, making them perfect for manoeuvres. The smaller sizes are optimised to handle stronger winds with total speed control and great stability while foiling.


The BREEZE has a stable canopy when depowered and the overall range of the kite is wide.

In the air, the BREEZE V3 is so intuitive to fly you can forget about the kite and concentrate on the riding. This unique characteristic makes it perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The kite has also been designed to work with a low front V on the bar to untangle lines after those inevitable kite crashes.

The BREEZE V3 is available right now; if you want a lightweight, one-strut kite that can put a smile on your face in 8knots, the decision is easy, let’s get breezy!


-Ultra lightweight
-Unbeatable low wind performance
-Exceedingly stable, even when overpowered
-Total control with excellent bar feedback
-Great speed control on a foil
-Easy relaunch with reverse launch capabilities too

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