F-One Handle pass leash

Handle pass leash
15000 Ft

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F-ONE Leash become this year F-ONE leashes in order to satisfy all rider’s needs: A short...több
F-One Handle pass leash

F-ONE Leash become this year F-ONE leashes in order to satisfy all rider’s needs:

  • A short 40cm leash which will make all foilers and freeriders happy as the leash will no longer drag in the water. It is the leash for all those who don’t unhook
  • A middle-sized 75cm leash. It becomes our standard and will be sold with all our LINXBAR 4 lines. It’s a versatile leash which will suit almost every rider.
  • A long 140cm “pure freestyle” leash, thought and designed for all New School riders. The stainsless steel hook has been replaced by a pig tail which brings lightness and moreover solidity. This also avoids hand injuries during handlepasses. A swivel has been added to the leash’s base to avoid twists during tricks.

Our leashes are now equipped with our new release handle compliant with AFNOR standards. It has been redesigned to be more ergonomic and facilitates the release.

In order to guarantee maximum safety, the spectra loop under the release handle allow the leash to be adaptable with all harnesses on the market.

Last innovation you can block the handle in an upper position to reset your quick-release in complete tranquillity.

Norme AFNOR: NF S52-503

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