Brunotti Blast JR. 2019

115000 Ft

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    126-38 115000 Ft Raktáron!
    Szállítási idő kb. 1-3 munkanap
The new Blast for kids is totally rad for the smaller kiters among us. This smaller board does...több
Brunotti Blast JR. 2019

The new Blast for kids is totally rad for the smaller kiters among us. This smaller board does not weigh as much as a standard kiteboard, has more flex and feels nice and playful to make rapid progress.Its single concave bottom and square outline makes for fantastic performance against the wind. In addition, this offers a fine addition to the light weather characteristics of the board. The Blast is perfect for boys or girls who like to learn kiting and want to develop themselves in terms of jumps and other tricks. 

Hyperbolic Chasis

The hyperbolic chassis is moulded in one piece, which gives your board a better torsion flex. Apart from that the hyperbolic outline provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Cnc'd W-core

The high tech W-Cores are precise engineered pieces of computer cut woodwork. Constructed to match the exact characteristics our riders wanted. Light weighted, thick enough to create stiffness and strength, and thin enough to allow flex and comfort.


(Active Diamond Rail) Our ADR-tech is our no-compromise solution when it comes to freeride/freestyle. It provides a superlative grip due to the sharp rail, which also results in exceptional  upwind performance.

Stílus: Freeride
Terméktípus: Kite deszka
Anyag: Fa mag és üvegszál
Hosszúság / Szélesség: 126 x 38 cm
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Unik F-One Unik
115000 Ft
BNT special + Kötés Brunotti BNT special + Kötés
189000 Ft 198000 Ft *
Onyx 2019 + Kötés Brunotti Onyx 2019 + Kötés
149000 Ft 164000 Ft *
oz22.41 Ozzie oz22.41
16900 Ft 19900 Ft *
oz22.23 Ozzie oz22.23
16900 Ft 19900 Ft *
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