Brunotti SURVEYOR wakeboard deszka

SURVEYOR wakeboard deszka
79000 Ft 99000 Ft * (20,2% kedvezmény)

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    140 cm 79000 Ft Raktáron!
    Szállítási idő kb. 1-3 munkanap
    135 cm 79000 Ft Raktáron!
    Szállítási idő kb. 1-3 munkanap
The  2018 Brunotti Surveyor Boat Wakeboard  can be mellow for you as a beginner but...több
Brunotti SURVEYOR wakeboard deszka

The 2018 Brunotti Surveyor Boat Wakeboard can be mellow for you as a beginner but also carry all the speed as you want as an intermediate boat rider. It is all up to you if you initiate more or less edge. The Brunotti Surveyor has softer bevels on the outer rail so you do not have to worry about catching an edge. Our RDP developed Core is designed with your center of gravity in mind. The Brunotti Surveyor offers a fast continuous rocker and mid-depth fins to help your excel from entry-level rider to a wake slaying machine

Check the Core

We have increased the torsional rigidity of the wakeboard throughout by using a unique blend of bi-axial mixed glass throughout the board.Our RDP team then placed bamboo rods across the center of the board to tune this energy zone. These bamboo rods keep the energy directly between your feet where you need it the most, yet allow the energy to transfer out as desired towards the tip and tail. This allows for a large amount of preload and extended pop while riding the park while maintaining torsional properties for edging behind a boat.

Construction Features

► Boat Specific Design
► RDP/1 Core
► Hardwood Infused Core
► Bi-Axial Glass layup
► Molded In Fins 
► M6 Inserts

Rider Weight Indication

► 135 50-75kg
► 140 65-90kg

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