Tabou 3s ced 96l 2017 Használt Windsurf Deszka

229000 Ft 269000 Ft * (14,87% kedvezmény)

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Gyönyürű állapotú FSW deszka, 2017-es modell. Papucsok, zsák, Mfc szkeg jár hozzá!  ...több
Tabou 3s ced 96l 2017 Használt Windsurf Deszka

Gyönyürű állapotú FSW deszka, 2017-es modell.

Papucsok, zsák, Mfc szkeg jár hozzá!  

96 liter 224 x 61 cm. 

One board that finds itself in all three styles of windsurfing: freeride, wave and freestyle. The compact design makes it both fast and maneuverable. Very easy and early to plane.

Freedom is the spirit of windsurfing. For us, freedom means simply having a good time on the water in all conditions. Tabou 3S can replace your entire set of boards and become extremely versatile board for all kind of sea conditions - like the all-mountain ski in the skiing. Tabou 3S planes as early and as easily as a freeride board, but offers at the same time sufficient maneuverability for wave riding and freestyle tricks.

Tabou 3S 2017 has been thoroughly modernized, gaining a compact shape that dramatically increases the speed potential and maneuverability. Turning become even easier, allowing to use a flatter rocker. All this makes the 3S not only faster but also more manoeuvrable with the magical feeling of flight over the water. The shorter length is easier to fit in smaller cars and boardbags. In addition, fuller rails together with the flat deck provide stability and control.

As in previous years, 3S used a double double step tail cutout to achieve both higher speed and better maneuverability. When the board runs in a straight line, the cutouts reduce the wetted surface of the hull, resulting in lower drag and higher speed. However, when carving cutouts work similar to a tail kick, allowing you to perform much tighter turns.

All sizes are available in the lightweight and strong LTD construction, which makes the board preferably faster to accelerate and more reactive.


Térfogat: 96 liter
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