Unifiber WINCH (U-Pin) / 2020

WINCH (U-Pin) / 2020
12000 Ft

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Rig up faster and easier with the Unifiber 2-1 Winch, the must need tool for any windsurfer!...több
Unifiber WINCH (U-Pin) / 2020

Rig up faster and easier with the Unifiber 2-1 Winch, the must need tool for any windsurfer! Years of rigging have lead to the ultimate design that allows you to quickly set your downhaul without hurting your hands and get the most precise settings possible. Because the diameter of the Unifiber winch is only 10 mm, it's lighter to use than other winches. The 2-1 winch can be used in two ways. You can insert the pin into the bottom of your extension and easily use the crank to set the sail to the exact specifications you desire - perfect for racing and formula sailors. Or you can remove the winch from the crank and slip the rope through the cleat on the winch itself and use the ergonomically refined grip to easily pull any sail to your desired setting. Whether you're looking for assistance in fine-tuning your rig or just a quick way to reduce strain on the hands, the Unifiber 2-1 Winch is perfect tool to have in every windsurfer's tool kit. Developed in conjunction with Caspar Verhaagen.

Pros & Cons

  • Narrow diameter axle for light operation
  • 2-1 feature, clambleat for the first part, winch functionality for the 2nd part without having to fiddle the rope
  • Axle and winch body can be seperated so make sure to store well in your equipmentbag
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