Manera METEOR X10D 4.3 Női

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Méret ruházat (Női)

  Infos & Characteristics The 4.3mm X10D allows unrestricted movements while keeping...több
Manera METEOR X10D 4.3 Női


Infos & Characteristics

The 4.3mm X10D allows unrestricted movements while keeping you warm during mid-season days.

The Meteor X10D is made for the pure performance. The inside X10D makes you feel stretch and light, with an extra good feeling on the skin. It is a suit very adapted to waveriding, freestyle or SUP because of its ability to follow the rider’s movements without any restriction. If you’re looking for lightness and flexibility, this is the wetsuit you need.

  • WARMTH: 80%
  • COMFORT: 100%

Bring an end to frozen and frustrated sessions.

SD2 TAPE 2.0


Our SD² TAPE becomes SD² TAPE 2.0. The neoprene panels are still sealed together and then sewed with «blind-stitches». Then the SD² tape is now welded to the seam by an air heater machine, unlike past  years when the tape was hand glued. This new process brings more durability, waterproofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.

3D Design

The shape of the wetsuit has been developed to naturally fit the human body, so the neoprene flexibility is used only when you move.

We design wetsuits for Kitesurfers, MANERA wetsuits are directly designed on a model in a Kitesurf-specific position, for a much more natural feeling while riding.

Freedom of movement and comfort are significantly increased compared to classic wetsuits.

Triplex X10D

The TRIPLEX X10D offers unparalleled freedom of movement.


The X10D has a light weight and extremely flexible jersey interior. Less warm than the MAGMA, it is perfect for riders who need a lot of freedom of movement.

Változat: Hosszú, Long, STEAMER
Méret ruházat (Női): M, S
Vastagság: 4/3 mm
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