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12 V magas nyomású kompresszor
O'Brien 12 V magas nyomású kompresszor
29000,00 Ft
Javító készlet
O'Brien Javító készlet
2900,00 Ft
Boxxer 2 tube
O'Brien Boxxer 2 tube
OBRIEN TUBE Boxxer 2 The O'Brien Boxxer ST 2 keeps things low and? GO! This low profile tube provides high action for you and a friend. If you do happen to get tossed from the tube, the Boxxer is easy to climb onto with its low profile...
48990,00 Ft 69000,00 Ft *
Wake Warrior 1 tube
O'Brien Wake Warrior 1 tube
OBRIEN TUBE Wake Warrior 1 The O’Brien Wake Warrior 1 gives a single rider their own cockpit to man as they get ripped around the lake. The backrest and inflated base makes for a comfortable, seated ride as you bounce off the waves and...
41890,00 Ft 59000,00 Ft *
Hammer Head 1 tube
O'Brien Hammer Head 1 tube
64"x55" Size 1 Rider or 170lbs Fully Covered 420 D Nylon 1 Quick Connect Tow Hook 24 Guage PVC
48990,00 Ft 69000,00 Ft *
Super Le Tube Deluxe
O'Brien Super Le Tube Deluxe
OBRIEN Super Le Tube Deluxe Take the awesome Super LeTube, add a full cover to it and you’ve got the O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe. This two-rider, donut style tube is just as fast and fun on the water as the original, but with some added...
56090,00 Ft 79000,00 Ft *
Hammer Head 3 tube
O'Brien Hammer Head 3 tube
OBRIEN TUBE Hammerhead 3 The O’Brien Hammerhead 3, like the shark, glides effortlessly through the water and tackles every situation head-on. Designed for up to three riders, the Hammerhead 3 has three large EVA pads for maximum comfort...
77390,00 Ft 109000,00 Ft *
Bronco 2 tube
O'Brien Bronco 2 tube
OBRIEN TUBE Bronco 2 Looking to get bucked around on the water? The new O’Brien Bronco 2 is the perfect tube to fit that need! This super cushioned recliner styled tube will have you and a friend crossing wakes and skimming the surface...
56090,00 Ft 79000,00 Ft *
Shuttle 2
O'Brien Shuttle 2
OBRIEN TUBE Shuttle 2 The O’Brien Shuttle 2 is a cockpit-style tube that holds up to two riders. With this tube, you and a friend get to enjoy the supreme comfort of the super soft and durable Plush Top. So get comfortable, relax against...
36920,00 Ft 52000,00 Ft *
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