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Edge Freeslam G10  szkeg
Select Edge Freeslam G10 szkeg
High performance hybrid fin Profile base on the S1 slam. Easy to ride / very comfortable in choppy conditions. New sizes for the most demanding free riders.
39000 Ft
X1 v4 25cm power box
Select X1 v4 25cm power box
The latest version of the most widely used single wave fin in the world. New profile, new outline : flexy tip for more efficient ride. The X1.v4 covers any sailing condition. A safe investment to enhance your single or multifins boards.
35000 Ft
V-Max 4.0
Select V-Max 4.0
V-MAX 4.0 series : LAB fin project program : slalom High-end slalom fin known for its world wide performance. The V-MAX v4.0 has a new and thinner profile to achieve higher top speed Twist and flex diagram remain the same as in the 3.0...
69000 Ft -tól
S1 Slam XL Evo  szkeg
Select S1 Slam XL Evo szkeg
S1 XL SLAM EVO series : pro series program : race slalom Board type : Slalom XL More rigid body / Locked twist Increased foil effect The narrow chord of this fin combined with its powerful profile generates a strong power with a minimum...
51000 Ft -tól
Edge Freeslam  szkeg
Select Edge Freeslam szkeg
EDGE FREESLAM program : slalom freeslam freeride An easy, high-performance and nimble hybrid fin with an excellent performance to avoid spin out. Very easy to ride ! Profile based on the S1 Slam Very confortable in choppy conditions High...
38000 Ft -tól
Hot Road  szkeg
Select Hot Road szkeg
HOT ROD series : LAB fin project program : speed New generation of speed fin Very good handling and performances in choppy conditions Can only be used on speed guns and slalom hi-wind boards No limit speed fin (Speed monster !) Fins...
54500 Ft -tól
S1 Hi-Wind  szkeg
Select S1 Hi-Wind szkeg
S1 HI-WIND G10 series : pro series program : slalom The S1 HW G10 is the high performance fin for harsh conditions Easy to ride and control Less powerful than the S1 Slam EVO, it is an alternative for riders seeking control and a...
51000 Ft
S1 Slam EVO  szkeg
Select S1 Slam EVO szkeg
S1 SLAM EVO series : pro series program : slalom Board type : Slalom (allround) It was hard to improve this legendary fin, but we are really proud of being able to increase its speed potential. Increased speed poIncreased foil effect...
51000 Ft
Schok Wave  szkeg
Select Schok Wave szkeg
SHOCK WAVE program : wave Board Type : Wave The aim has been reached ! Making fast and easy wave fins offering extreme maneuverability, the best grip on wide ranges of speed, passing of foams in contact, nervousness for jump take offs,...
32500 Ft
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