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MULTICONIC Adapter / 2020
Select MULTICONIC Adapter / 2020
-These adaptors can be mounted on the Progression as well as on our older fins having a multiconic box -Each kit is supplied with every screws needed to mount the box -Available in Power Box / Tuttle Box / Trim Box
5000 Ft
DELTA Max 2.0 / 2020
Select DELTA Max 2.0 / 2020
-This original fin has an important rake and was developed for shallowwaters. -Very good upwind ability -The tip is designed with a flat heel to reduce strong shocks in case it touches the bottom of the lake. This is a key security item...
57000 Ft -tól
POWER Delta 45° / 2020
Select POWER Delta 45° / 2020
-New ANTI WEED fin. -With a 45° rake, the Power Delta 45° is very effective on the water covered by seaweeds. -It keeps a high performance potential with balanced support Box Type : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box Technology :...
45000 Ft -tól
MX EVO / 2020
Select MX EVO / 2020
The legendary MX is back with a new profile! -Early planning -Extreme maniability -This compact design is appreciated by experts freestylers in search of even more extreme tricks. -Can also be used in light wind wave riding Fin Box :...
39000 Ft
RHINO PRO / 2020
Select RHINO PRO / 2020
Board Type : Slalom -New version of our flagship fin! -Given its powerful profile, this fin allows for a quick planning. -Extremely nervous, the RHINO generates a huge lift effect. -With its flexible tip, it never saturates and offers an...
93000 Ft -tól
HOT Rod / 2020
Select HOT Rod / 2020
-New generation of speed fins -Large base on model up to 25cm / Longer outline up to 33cm -Very good handling and performance in choppy conditions -Can only be used on speed guns and slalom hi-wind boards -No limit speed fin ! Fin Box:...
57000 Ft -tól
windsurf, surf,szkeg, fins, watersport, sport, extreme, szörf, windszörf
Select Edge Freeslam G10 szkeg
High performance hybrid fin Profile base on the S1 slam. Easy to ride / very comfortable in choppy conditions. New sizes for the most demanding free riders.
39000 Ft
windsurf, surf,szkeg, fins, watersport, sport, extreme, szörf, windszörf
Select X1 v4 25cm power box
The latest version of the most widely used single wave fin in the world. New profile, new outline : flexy tip for more efficient ride. The X1.v4 covers any sailing condition. A safe investment to enhance your single or multifins boards.
35000 Ft
S1 Hi-Wind G10 / 2020
Select S1 Hi-Wind G10 / 2020
Board type : Slalom / Speed -The S1 Hi-Wind G10 is the high performance fin for harsh conditions -Easy to ride and control -Less powerful than the S1 PRO, it is an alternative for riders seeking control and a moderate power. -PWA...
55000 Ft
Select PROGRESSION / 2020
-Easy and solid fin thanks to the Fr4.c material -An ideal concept to begin and make progress. -Double curved fin with and unbeatable value for money. -US Box only available on sizes : 28 / 30 / 32 / 34 / 36 cm Fin Box : -US Box (Length...
28000 Ft -tól
EDGE PRO / 2020
Select EDGE PRO / 2020
-Full carbon version of the EDGE. -For sporty FreeRiders eager for strong acceleration -Fluid carving and punchy performance. Fin Box : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box Technology : Prepreg carbon / Semi Custom
65000 Ft -tól
RIDE / 2020
Select RIDE / 2020
Our legendary freeride fin ! -Powerful fin for an early planning -The double-curve outline generates comfort and handiness in any sailing condition -The Ride 46 has been developed for the BIC Techno 293 OD. We are proud of our...
47000 Ft
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