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EDGE G10 / 2020
Select EDGE G10 / 2020
-Hi-performance hybrid fin. -Profile based on the S1 PRO -Easy to ride / Very comfortable in choppy conditions. -Sizes up to 49 for the most demanding free riders. Fin Box : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box Technology : FR4-G10
44000 Ft -tól
EDGE PRO / 2020
Select EDGE PRO / 2020
-Full carbon version of the EDGE. -For sporty FreeRiders eager for strong acceleration -Fluid carving and punchy performance. Fin Box : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box Technology : Prepreg carbon / Semi Custom
65000 Ft -tól
RIDE / 2020
Select RIDE / 2020
Our legendary freeride fin ! -Powerful fin for an early planning -The double-curve outline generates comfort and handiness in any sailing condition -The Ride 46 has been developed for the BIC Techno 293 OD. We are proud of our...
47000 Ft
Select PROGRESSION / 2020
-Easy and solid fin thanks to the Fr4.c material -An ideal concept to begin and make progress. -Double curved fin with and unbeatable value for money. -US Box only available on sizes : 28 / 30 / 32 / 34 / 36 cm Fin Box : -US Box (Length...
28000 Ft -tól
RHINO PRO / 2020
Select RHINO PRO / 2020
Board Type : Slalom -New version of our flagship fin! -Given its powerful profile, this fin allows for a quick planning. -Extremely nervous, the RHINO generates a huge lift effect. -With its flexible tip, it never saturates and offers an...
93000 Ft -tól
HOT Rod / 2020
Select HOT Rod / 2020
-New generation of speed fins -Large base on model up to 25cm / Longer outline up to 33cm -Very good handling and performance in choppy conditions -Can only be used on speed guns and slalom hi-wind boards -No limit speed fin ! Fin Box:...
57000 Ft -tól
MX EVO / 2020
Select MX EVO / 2020
The legendary MX is back with a new profile! -Early planning -Extreme maniability -This compact design is appreciated by experts freestylers in search of even more extreme tricks. -Can also be used in light wind wave riding Fin Box :...
39000 Ft
POWER Delta 45° / 2020
Select POWER Delta 45° / 2020
-New ANTI WEED fin. -With a 45° rake, the Power Delta 45° is very effective on the water covered by seaweeds. -It keeps a high performance potential with balanced support Box Type : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box Technology :...
45000 Ft -tól
DELTA Max 2.0 / 2020
Select DELTA Max 2.0 / 2020
-This original fin has an important rake and was developed for shallowwaters. -Very good upwind ability -The tip is designed with a flat heel to reduce strong shocks in case it touches the bottom of the lake. This is a key security item...
57000 Ft -tól
Select PERFORMANCE Weed / 2020
-New anti weed fins -Curved leading edge to move the center of pressure forward -More comfortable to sail -Efficient on medium covered spots -Real sailing comfort for an anti-weed fin Box : -Power Box -Tuttle Box -Deep Tuttle Box...
62000 Ft -tól
MULTICONIC Adapter / 2020
Select MULTICONIC Adapter / 2020
-These adaptors can be mounted on the Progression as well as on our older fins having a multiconic box -Each kit is supplied with every screws needed to mount the box -Available in Power Box / Tuttle Box / Trim Box
5000 Ft
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