F-One JAM HM CARBON 1600 Front Wing NEW

409000 Ft

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 A JAM-et dock starthoz és pumpáláshoz tervezték. Ez a foil gyors siklást, elképesztő...több
F-One JAM HM CARBON 1600 Front Wing NEW

 A JAM-et dock starthoz és pumpáláshoz tervezték. Ez a foil gyors siklást, elképesztő emelkedést és könnyű gyors indulást biztosít. Egy pár pumpálással már kint is leszel a vízből és repülhetsz olyan sebességgel amilyennel szeretnél. Ha egy percre abbahagyod a pumpálást remekül siklik tovább. 

  • dock start, pumpálás
  • kényelmes siklás, hatékonyság
  • könnyű indulás
  • alacsony sebességen is hatékony és igény szerint gyorsul

The JAM has been designed for dock start and pump foil. With its substantial surface area and aspect ratio of 10, this foil brings infinite glide, incredible lift, early and easy take-offs, and an astounding level of efficiency.

• Exceptional for dock starts and pump foiling

• Aspect Ratio: 10

• Infinite glide and outstanding efficiency

• Easy and fast take-offs

• Effective at low speeds and has the potential to accelerate on demand

With only just a few pumps, you’ll be out of the water and gliding along at speed in no time with the JAM. Even if you stop pumping for a few seconds, it keeps gliding. The distinct design, angle of attack and profile reduce the induced drag even further and bring even more efficiency and performance. The wingtips have been designed to provide a decent maneuverability so the JAM is not only a pumping machine, but also fun to cruise around on. Successfully combining early take-off abilities with good speed, the JAM delivers a smooth and precise ride. Its high aspect ratio and extreme efficiency at low speeds also make it ideal for wing foiling and downwinding in marginal conditions. The JAM can gain speed if necessary, allowing the rider to go faster, to use it in light wind winging conditions, and to even ride small waves with ease. Built using the Monobloc structure with pre-preg carbon, this foil is both very light and strong. This setup brings improved load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup leads to even more rigidity and stability that will propel you to incredible performances in each session. The TITAN connection allows to plug in either an aluminum or carbon mast. The JAM is available in two sizes: 1600 cm² and 1900 cm². • The 1600 cm² is ideal to wing foil or SUP foil in marginal conditions and light winds, or for riders who already know how to dock start. It is also the perfect foil to learn how to SUP downwind. • The 1900 cm² is great for dock-starts, pumping in flat waters, and for riders of a bigger stature. This foil is recommended with the Monobloc Tail Pumping XXS 200, which offers exceptional pumping abilities and a fantastic glide. The JAM caters to all levels of foilers, whether it’s beginners looking to get into pump foil, or more advanced riders wanting an efficient foil that will deliver in this discipline and minimal conditions. Grab your group of friends and enjoy a JAM session anytime, anywhere!

Sportág: Wing
Felület: 1600
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