F-One Strike V4 Mint / Onyx NEW

415000 Ft -tól

Az árak tartalmazzák az ÁFA -t. Szállítási költségek

Méret (m2)

  • Méret Ár Szállítási idő
    2,0 m2 379000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    2,5 m2 389000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    3,0 m2 415000 Ft Személyesen azonnal átvehető üzletünkben!
    Kiszállítás esetén kb. 1-3 munkanap
    3,5 m2 429000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    4,0 m2 455000 Ft Nincs raktáron
    4,5 m2 459000 Ft Személyesen azonnal átvehető üzletünkben!
    Kiszállítás esetén kb. 1-3 munkanap
    5,0 m2 469000 Ft Személyesen azonnal átvehető üzletünkben!
    Kiszállítás esetén kb. 1-3 munkanap
    5,5 m2 489000 Ft Személyesen azonnal átvehető üzletünkben!
    Kiszállítás esetén kb. 1-3 munkanap
Thanks to its optimized design and precise fabrics placement, the STRIKE is a masterpiece of...több
F-One Strike V4 Mint / Onyx NEW

Thanks to its optimized design and precise fabrics

placement, the STRIKE is a masterpiece of

aerodynamism. This fourth version of our iconic wing has

been refined to guarantee a perfect control of the profile,

and hence unforgettable, high-performance sessions.

• Optimized design for unprecedented performance

• HITEX and TECHNOFORCE materials for increased


• Perfect control of the profile and deformations to

guarantee comfort throughout the entire wind range

• Unmatched speed and power delivery

• Impressive pop, hangtime, and upwind performances

• Intuitive pumping for easy planing starts

• Equipped with our new interchangeable handle


Our new STRIKE features once more a super intuitive

pumping with a certain flexibility that makes it easy to

start planing without having to expend a lot of energy

or learn a special technique. This STRIKE responds to

pumping with immediate power.

We’ve worked on the wing’s balance and aerodynamics

to ensure exceptional and superior performance, while

maintaining control and precision. This new STRIKE

offers an unrivalled smoothness of traction that makes it

possible to ride effortlessly, as if using a smaller, very light


The STRIKE’s control throughout the wind range is

impressive, allowing you to easily handle gusts. For

those who love speed, it brings impressive horizontal


accelerations, without a vertical boost; its design’s

secret brings out these unique sensations.

In the low end, the STRIKE never seems to suffer from air

holes or heading winds, maintaining a constant glide and

exceptional upwind abilities.

Thanks to its stiffness, accelerations, and massive pop

and hangtime, the STRIKE will also have you hooked on

freestyle. For your rotations, the wing turns easily on its

own, allowing you to land all your tricks and try out new


This STRIKE is much more than a new model; it’s a

perfect blend of performance, a lightweight feel and

smooth traction.


The design of the STRIKE has been entirely revised. The

central strut is now completely straight, which allows us

to better control its deformation and possible twisting,

while reducing drag. As a result, the infill is a bit lower and

deforms less, and we’ve extended it almost all the way

to the back. Our innovative Load Diffuser is reduced for

weight gain, especially during freefly.

We’ve also added dihedral angle to improve stability and

keep the wingtips out of the water when pumping and

riding. The new leading and trailing edge tensions as well

as a refined radial cut help keep the profile smooth and

stable for incredible performance and control.

The accurate panel layout, precise load management and

staggered seams continue to bring exceptional control

of the profile, especially in the high end. The use of HITEX

on the inflatable structure and TECHNOFORCE™/D2

on the canopy offer great resistance to elongation and

therefore greater durability and performances. The

materials are also perfectly distributed to account

for the different tensions, high pressures, and weight

distribution in each specific area.

Thanks to this Sail Engineering and design work, the new

STRIKE is an ideal compromise of performance, control,

and smoothness. The wing feels stiff enough for any

rider to perform and stay in control, but remains at the

same time very progressive, offering a gentle and swift

forward traction.


The new STRIKE is fitted with our new interchangeable

handle system. Soft, hybrid or rigid handles, you now get

to customize handles at your preference

Méret Wing (m2): 2.0 m2, 2.5 m2, 3.0 m2, 3.5 m2, 4.0 m2, 4.5 m2, 5.0m2, 5.5 m2
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