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Chums Glassfloat Classic Szemüvegpánt
Since being introduced in the early 90’s the Glassfloat Classic has been a fan favorite and a best seller. The Glassfloat Classic fits most frames and will float up to 45g (most sunglasses fall under this mark). Comfortable, durable and...
5490 Ft -tól
Chums Orbiter Float Szemüvegpánt
Designed off of the success of our best selling Orbiter, the Orbiter Float is lightweight and durable. Made from stainless steel the Orbiter Float won’t get sweaty, stinky, or dirty. Featuring low-profile temples that fit most sunglasses.
6490 Ft
Chums Floating Halfpipe Szemüvegpánt
This high-visibility floating eyewear retainer is very easy to spot in the water. The Floating Halfpipe will float frames up to 1.1 oz / 32g.
5990 Ft
Chums Halfpipe Szemüvegpánt
A lightweight latex tube design and easily adjustable bead set the Halfpipe apart from other floating eyewear retainers. Popular with kayakers, the half pipe fits under helmets and cinches tight to the head during treacherous runs and...
3490 Ft
Chums Neoprene Classic Szemüvegpánt
The Neoprene eyewear retainer has been a favorite of river runners and people on the water for decades. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size eyewear frames. For a tighter fit, slide the retainer further down your frames.
3490 Ft
Chums Beaded Cord
Our Beaded Eyeglass Cord is great for those who prefer natural materials and style. Natural wooden and glass beads in assorted patterns and colors make for a casually elegant retainer on almost all eyewear. Featuring Chums forward-mount...
5490 Ft -tól
Chums Suede Szemüvegpánt
The Suede Retainer is made of soft, comfortable suede. Featuring Chums forward-mount temples, these retainers are sized to accommodate a wide variety of frames.
5990 Ft -tól
Chums The Vault Szemüvegtok
Looking for a durable and protective case for your gear? Well here it is, the Vault has a sturdy and tough exterior and a soft interior lining that will protect whatever you decide to put into it. Protect your gear with the Vault.
8490 Ft
Chums Neo Megafloat Szemüvegpánt
The Neo Megafloat, our highest-rated floating eyewear retainer, fits most frames. Increased temple size is designed for larger frames. Filled with closed-cell foam, it'll float up to 85 grams (3 oz.), keeping your shades off the bottom....
5490 Ft
Chums Floating Neo Szemüvegpánt
The Floating Neo is our popular Neoprene retainer with added floatation capabilities. Filled with closed-cell foam, the Floating Neo will float eyewear up to 35 grams. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size eyewear frames. For a...
4990 Ft
Chums Upcycled Cotton Szemüvegpánt
This stylish eyewear retainer is constructed from a high-performance blend of 52% upcycled cotton and 48% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Made in Hurricane, Utah, USA.
4990 Ft
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