Gaastra Peak Convertible ülőtrapéz

Peak Convertible ülőtrapéz
41890 Ft 59000 Ft * (29% kedvezmény)

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The PEAK has long been one of the most popular harnesses in our range. It´s narrow profile and...több
Gaastra Peak Convertible ülőtrapéz

The PEAK has long been one of the most popular harnesses in our range. It´s narrow profile and ergonomic 3D design combine to provide the ultimate combination of support and freedom of movement.

The PEAK CONVERTIBLE (C1) offers all the great comfort and freedom of our legendary PEAK waist harness with the bonus of being seat convertible.  This allows you to enjoy the comfort, freedom and support of a waist harness with the control and performance of a seat harness when you need it.No more need for two harnesses. It´s also a great option for those not quite comfortable or confident in a full racing seat harness.

If you want a harness with the freedom to throw your next big trick and the support to send you rocketing past your friends on the race course look no further than the ultimate convertible experience.


Construction details

    – New Convertible system, switch seamlessly between seat and waist harness
    – Ultimate conformed comfort, no pressure points or hard edges.
    – Integrated 3D double shape technology for maximum lubar support and comfort
    – Easy to use single strap bar system
    – Padded spreader bar with integrated BUSB technology and “Spring Bolt” system

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